Hvad er Interim Management?

Interim Management er meget udbredt i mange lande. I Europa – f.eks. Tyskland, Holland og England – er Interim Management ofte mere reglen end undtagelsen.

Jon Younger fra Forbes Magazine har skrevet en interessant artikel om emnet – og nedenfor et kort uddrag fra artiklen. Hele artiklen kan læses ved at anvende linket længere nede på siden.

”Two recent surveys – one in Europe where interim management is well established, another in the US where interim is a newer offering – have been helpful in understanding where interim management stands currently, and where it seems to be headed.  

Let’s start with the most important facts: while interim management is growing in both Europe and the US, the markets are different. The European market, surveyed by INIMA, the International Network of Interim Manager Associations found that most European interims are male boomers, in their mid 50’s, and typically full- or part-time interim executives for over seven years.

Ninety percent of European interims work for corporates. The average assignment in Europe is 11 months. Short assignments seem popular in the UK, France and Poland while longer assignments (often part-time) are ascendant in Italy.

Only 14% of European interim managers were women.

Hiring company size varied significantly. Five percent of interims joined organizations – typically startups – with fewer than 10 employees, while 8% were placed in organizations larger than 10,000 people.

The primary functional specialties of European interim managers were general management, including board membership (32%), operations (9%), human resources (9%), and finance (8%), By level, 6% of interims held board roles, 21% were temporary CEOs or equivalent, 29% held other C-suite responsibilities, and 26% were either department or project leads. Overall, more than half the interim manager gigs were in C level roles.

Finally, the European market outlook: two-thirds of interim executives anticipate a continuation of current growth trends or stronger growth.”

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Hvad er Interim Management?